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Our Go-To Spring Essentials

Happy Spring, Malty friends!!! 

We just love this time of year when birds begin chirping, the sun shines a little more, and it's finally warm enough to take a book to a park and enjoy the blooming outdoors! 

There are a few things we just couldn't get through spring without! Here are our seasonal essentials. How about you—what's your favorite part of spring? 🌸🐥And what are your spring must-haves? 

Tag #MaltyTheBlueTiger on social media to tell us your faves, and have a beautiful, blossoming day! 

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

1. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Did you know that keeping flowers in your home can lower stress and boost motivation? We love celebrating the blooms of the spring by keeping a bouquet in the bedroom—and in our little ones' rooms, too!—so that they can serve as a bright, happy start to the day. 🌼🌺💐

2. A seasonal smoothie

As we enter berry season, take advantage of these superfoods' bright, kid-friendly hues and healthy benefits. Our favorite go-to smoothie for little tigers is a raspberry and blueberry blend balanced with a splash of milk and a little yogurt—it's a happy, healthy snack that's super sweet and delicious! 

Check out the recipe below! 

3. Earphones for on-the-go story time

Things tend to get busier this time of year with spring sports and other activities revving up, and sometimes you need a quick, mobile activity for your little tiger! Whether you're waiting for a sibling's baseball practice to end or in the waiting room for a dentist appointment, plug in a pair of earphones for your child and let them listen to the Spanish read-along of Malty the Blue Tiger

(Marita la tigresita azul). Before you know it, they'll be speaking Spanish with stellar pronunciation! 

4. A favorite book for the park

 Story time doesn't need to be confined to bedtime! We love to take our favorite storybooks outside for extra reading time with our little ones—plus a little extra sunshine! ☀️

5. A bright DIY learning activity 

We don't know about you, but when the sun starts shining, we start feeling crafty! 

There's something about opening the windows on a Saturday morning and DIY-ing with your little ones that feels so rejuvenating and happy, and we're always on the lookout for great art activities that can also serve as learning tools. One game we love is this Malty the Blue Tiger Memory Game, which puts a bilingual spin on the classic version of the game. (It's a member exclusive, so just be sure to sign up with your email if you haven't already! 😊)

We hope you enjoy these springtime festivities as much as we do, Malty friends!

Don't forget to tell us your favorites, too—and have a wonderful day! 💛

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