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"A Pinch of Pom-Pom"

Spanish Learning Activity

Hi, parents! Does your child love to play pretend kitchen?

Whether your little one is a chef-in-training or not, this activity piques the interest of any learner, using cupcake liners and pom-poms to teach new color vocabulary.


Here's what to do: Simply write the name of each Spanish color (making sure it corresponds to pom-poms you have!) in a cupcake liner and place in a muffin pan. Next, give your child kitchen measuring tools—such as teaspoons or tablespoons—and ask them to fill each liner with the correct color "batter" made of pom-poms.


(When they're finished, you could even enjoy real cupcakes or muffins together... we're never ones to pass on a chocolate chip muffin!)

This activity teaches valuable language development skills, and being able to identify colors in any language is an important cognitive milestone for young children. Later on, this knowledge will help them with categorizing and sorting skills in school. 

Here is a list of colors in English and Spanish to get you started!

Your child will also learn this vocabulary in the bilingual children's book Malty the Blue Tiger, which teaches a wide range of new color words in both languages. We love to pair the book with this activity to reinforce that new vocabulary!

blue • azul

purple • morado

orange • anaranjado

yellow • amarillo

green • verde

pink • rosado

Do you have your own favorite pom-pom activity? We want to see it! Tag #MaltyTheBlueTiger on social to share with us! 😊

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙



Make glittering Malty ears for your little one using just three simple materials! 

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