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FREE Printable: Help Malty Find the Colors in Spanish!

From Malty's blue hue to the purple monkeys she meets on the road to Biscuit Brook, color is everywhere — and there's a reason it's typically one of the first things taught in a second language! 🎨

Knowing color names is considered a cognitive milestone of a child's development, because it's a building block of descriptive language skills. (Think about how often you use colors to communicate a key message: "Can you grab that red book?" "I'll take green tea, please.") 

Knowing this vocabulary will vastly expand what your kiddos are able to describe in another language. 

Pair this free printable with the vocabulary your child learns in 

Malty the Blue Tiger — they'll find many of these words color-coded in the book! They can use colored pencils, crayons, or even candy (jelly beans work perfectly) to fill in each picture with the right color. 

Show us your child's colorful masterpiece by tagging Malty the Blue Tiger on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter — and we'll feature it! 😊

Get your copy of Malty the Blue Tiger today!

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