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15 Short Inspirational Quotes

About Staying True to Yourself

"Just be yourself!" 

If you're like most parents, you wish you could say this just once, and your children would remember it forever. But it isn't always that easy! 


Sometimes, the value of your own identity is something you have to learn through life experiences. It is possible, however, to give your child a head start by reading them books like Malty the Blue Tigerwhich is about tiger who learns to value her one-of-a-kind self and the beautiful diversity it helps create, and giving them words of encouragement throughout the years. 😊

To get you started, here are our 15 favorite quotes about staying true to yourself!

Read them with your little one, tack them to an inspiration board in your child's room, or simply enjoy them yourself for the wisdom they can lend to both children and adults.

Do you have a favorite quote that should be on this list? 

Let us know by using the hashtag #MaltyTheBlueTiger

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

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Did all that terrific inspiration work up an appetite? 

Make this healthy Roarin’ Pizza Grilled Cheese!

Get the recipe!

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