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10 Spanish Compliments to Make Someone's Day

Help your little one put her new language skills to great use by making a friend or loved one smile today. Save this PDF to your computer, or simply view the list here!

Ahoy! An Ocean Vocabulary Printable for Lovers of the Sea

Your child will be delighted by this splashy printable, designed to teach the names of common sea creatures. 

10 Common Greetings in Spanish

Saying hello is the first step to every beautiful conversation! Teach your child common greetings in Spanish with this handy printable vocabulary list. 

Calling All Unicorn Lovers! This Vocabulary Sheet Will Dazzle

We have yet to meet a kid (or an adult) who isn't at least a little bit fascinated with unicorns. Lean into that love of magic with this vocabulary printable. 

10 Ways to Ask for Help in Spanish

Make sure your child is prepared with these crucial phrases to know in any scenario!

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