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Family Fun

Malty's Top Essentials for Families On the Go 

Being on the move with kids can be quite the adventure—but a few little things can make it a lot easier, and way more fun! Here are the must-haves to take with you for snacking, hydrating, and entertaining when your family's in go-go-go mode. 😊 

We hope you love these picks as much as we do!

(Side note: This post isn't sponsored by any of the below products...

we just want to share our favorite things with you!)



Your Malty Friends

(re)zip Storage Bags

These super-convenient bags are BPA-free and durable, making them perfect for fruit, nuts, trail mix, or sandwiches in the car! Bonus: They're freezer safe, so you can also use them to store soups and stocks long-term. You can find them in a ton of cute colors, including blue, yellow, orange, and green! 


California Almonds

Why, hello snack that does not turn the car into a mess. We love you. 

Healthy almonds keep both you and your kiddos satiated when you're on the go, thanks to their protein and healthy fats.

Que Collapsible Water Bottle

Okay, we may be partial to this water bottle because of its yellow hue reminds us of Malty's scarf. 🐯

But also, it's so handy and fun! It expands when you want to sip, and collapses when you're all done and want to save a little extra room in your bag.

collapsible water bottle
collapsible water bottle
Hint Water

Have trouble getting your child to drink water? This sugar-free, preservative-free sip resembles a fruit juice box but uses natural flavors (not artificial flavors!) to add its punch of flavor, and doesn't have any sugar. You might recognize this brand from the grownup version you love!

Malty the Blue Tiger

Two words: boredom buster! Keep a lightweight book on hand to calm an impatient kiddo when you're waiting in line or at the doctor's office. We designed Malty the Blue Tiger so that it'd be easy to take with you wherever you go (because let's face it—as a parent, you have enough to carry as is!).

Sanissimo Salmas Crackers

You (and your little) will go nuts over these whole grain crackers! They're so yummy, with slightly charred edges, and go perfectly with salsa, cheese, hummus, or anything else. Imagine a tortilla chip crossed with a cracker, and you'll get this handy snack. With just four ingredients, the gluten-free formula is uber-simple and healthy. 

parent hacks crackers.jpg


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