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Here you'll find every sing recipe created by the Malty team, including those made exclusively for you as a Malty Member 🍴🍳

These Rainbow Tacos Will Make You (And Your Child) Feel Magical 🌮

Taco Tuesday has never been so deliciously colorful! Make tacos as vibrant as the characters in Malty the Blue Tiger, and teach your child the ROY G BIV basics while you're at it. 

A Very Blue(berry) Grilled Cheese = The Perfect Lunchtime Twist

Put a fruity blue(berry) tiger twist on your child's grilled cheese with a good dose of antioxidant-packed blueberries, and watch their eyes widen at the colorful, melty result. 

Edible Cookie Dough (Made Out Of—Gasp!—Chickpeas!)

No more worrying about if your little one is going to get sick from licking the spoon: edible cookie dough is here! And it's made with fiber-packed chickpeas and healthy nut butter, so you can feel great about letting them dig in. 

Have a Child Who Loves Chocolate? They'll Love This Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Bark!

It's hard to believe, but you can make a chocolate-flavored dessert without a single speck of added sugar! This nutritious dessert is flavored only by vitamin-rich fruits to keep any little tiger going without a sugar crash.

These Jungle Apple Bites Are THE Perfect After-School Snack 🍎

Irresistible, crunchy snacks shouldn't have be just chips and candy! These apple bites make munching after-school quick, easy, delicious, and healthy.

A Very Blue Dessert With No Added Sugar? We'll Take Two, Please 😍

​OK, the tiger is out of the bag: We love putting a twist on classic treats! This frozen yogurt bark dessert is a scrumptious sweet treat, but has no added sugar —just all naturally-occurring, sweet goodness. 

Pizza + Grilled Cheese = Your Child's Lunchtime Dreams Come True

But you don't have to let them know it's also super healthy. 😉  This grilled cheese sandwich has a good dose of veggies and a mouthwatering pizza taste. 

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