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All Crafts & Activities! 

Here you'll find every craft and activity created by the Malty team, including those made exclusively for you as a Malty Member 🎨

Sharpen Your Child's Memory Skills With This Bilingual Twist On A Classic Game!

​Most memory games focus on just that—memory! This one incorporates the added benefit of teaching new vocabulary words in both English and Spanish. 

This Puppet Craft Is Fun to Make AND Play With 💙

​We love activities that keep our little ones entertained, but bonus points if they keep them busy with imaginative play even after the paint and glue is put away! 

Biscuit Brook Frames Are the Best Type of Frames... least, that's what we think! Frame your most cherished memories by making this easy photo frame, inspired by Biscuit Brook, with your little one. The best part? You'll get to admire it every day! 

Watch Your Little Picasso Create An Awe-Worthy Handprint Painting 🎨

All you need is a hand, a piece of paper, and some paint. Who knew the best tool for a fun painting was already in the palm of our hands!? 😉

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