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Raise a Bilingual Child

10 Ways Being Bilingual or Multilingual Benefits Your Child's Brain

The effect bilingualism has on the brain is absolutely astounding! Click below to see the top ten benefits. 

What Are Dual Language Programs, and Are They Right for My Child?

We spoke to a dual language kindergarten teacher to answer all of your questions about these language immersion schools. 

We Are a Military Family Raising and Homeschooling Bilingual Children — And This Is Why

Catalina Burton's family approaches learning in a special way. This is her story as a bilingual mother of a 5-year-old and 2-year-old, and her advice for parents considering raising multilingual kids.

10 Common Greetings in Spanish

​Saying hello is the first step to every beautiful conversation! Teach your child common greetings in Spanish with this handy printable vocabulary list. 

Easy Ways to Improve Nightly Story Time

Make this valuable time of day better than ever. Bonus points if you use bilingual children's books—like Malty the Blue Tiger!

It's Possible! How to Teach Your Child a Language You Don't Know

You're not alone! Plenty of parents want their kids to know a second language, even if they never learned it themselves. In addition to learning it together, here's what you can do, according to Liliana Diaz-Vazquez, M.S., CCC-SLP/L, a bilingual speech therapist.

10 Compliments in Spanish

​Help your little one put her new language skills to great use by making a friend or loved one smile today. Save this PDF to your computer, or simply view the list here!

How to Help Your Child Be Confident in Their Second Language Skills

If your child loves learning Spanish or another language in school, but clams up when it comes to speaking it in public, these tips from Clarissa Duskin, M.Ed., the parent representative for the National Association for Bilingual Education, will help! 

Why Kids Are So Often Teased for Having an Accent

It’s not right, but teasing about speech or accents is usually brushed off. Here’s why that might be, and signs your child is feeling insecure in his or her speech.

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