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FREE PDF: 10 Ways to Ask for Help in Spanish

Heya, Malty friends! 😊 If your family is planning a trip to another country, or you simply want your child to be prepared to ask someone for help in any scenario (and let's be honest, who doesn't want that!?), it's crucial to know certain phrases in a second language. 

That's why we created this free PDF just for you! Here, you'll find

10 important phrases, including how to ask someone to call the police and where the nearest hospital is. Print it out for your child, laminate if you'd like, and then work together to learn them!

Download the PDF below, or scroll down to see the list!

Show us how your family practices another language on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter by tagging Malty the Blue Tiger for a chance to be featured — we are truly always so inspired by you! 💙

how to ask for help in spanish
how to ask for help in spanish
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