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Make Your Kiddo Feel Like a Star With This Healthy Mac n' Cheese

Whether they're a budding astronaut or aspiring pop star, littles go wild over this super fun treat—and you'll love how nutritious it is!

Happy Summer! Cool Off with This Frozen Delight.

​Consider this a fruit-packed version of a snow cone. A Banana Citrus Granita will keep you and your little feeling cool, and ready to take on any heat that comes your way this summer! 

Don'ut You Want One of These Treats? 🍩

These apple slice donuts are wonderfully sweet and perfectly fun! Best part: You can feel great about how healthy they are for your little ones (sayonara, artificial colors and flavors!). 

No-Bake Tiger Nut Granola Bites Are the Superfood Snack You Didn't Know Your Kitchen Needed

This super easy snack is packed with protein and prebiotic fiber to keep bellies happy and full. Enjoy them with your little ones for a morning or afternoon snack that's just as energizing as it is tasty. 

This Is Not a Drill: Edible (and Healthy!) Cookie Dough Is Here! 🍪

It's made with fiber-packed chickpeas and nutritious nut butter, so you can feel great about letting your little ones dig in. 

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Here's Why You Want to Try Blueberries In Your Grilled Cheese

It may sound just a little strange at first, but you and your child will adore the swirly colors and mouthwatering taste!

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Satisfy Your Child's Love of Color With... Tacos!

January 01, 2020

Psst... want to know the secret to an uber-colorful meal that makes veggies approachable for your child? Click below! 

These Jungle Apple Bites Are THE Perfect After-School Snack

Irresistible, crunchy snacks don't have to be just chips and candy! These apple bites make munching after school quick, easy, delicious, and healthy.

Pizza Flavor That's Actually... Healthy!?

You know it! This grilled cheese sandwich has a good dose of veggies and a mouthwatering pizza taste. 

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Try This Chocolate Banana Yogurt Bark for an Easy Dessert

Our yogurt barks have no added sugarjust antioxidant- and fiber-packed fruits for incredible flavor. This is the perfect snack or dessert for any little monkey who goes bananafor chocolate! 

Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate What You Love About One-of-a-Kind You!

This month, we're celebrating the love we have for what makes all of us beautifully diverse. To mark the start of a love-filled month, we created these delicious Beetin' Heart Bites. They make the perfect story time snack!

A Sweet Dessert with No Added Sugar? We'll Take Two, Please 😍

The tiger is out of the bag: We love putting a twist on classic treats! This frozen yogurt bark dessert is a scrumptious sweet treat made with naturally-occurring, sweet goodness. 

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