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7 Fast Facts About Malty's Newest Book: Maddie la tigresse bleue

Bonjour, Malty friends!


Malty's world is expanding with the newest book addition in English and French, Maddie la tigresse bleue.

Here's everything you need to know about this exciting new book, which you can find on Amazon!


1. It's the same story you love, but in English and French. Written by author K. Kloss and illustrated by artist Risa Horiuchi, you'll recognize this sweet tale if you have the English and Spanish version of the book. Getting both copies and having your little ones compare the differences is a great way to reinforce their language skills! 

2. It's been vetted by a team of native French speakers. 

Malty's story was translated by Eliette Pebay-Maes, a native French speaker who earned her translation diploma from the University of Pau in France. The text was also reviewed by an entire team of native French speakers and certified translators! When you and your little one read Maddie la tigresse bleue, you can trust its accuracy and integrity. 

3. It includes an illustrated glossary of French words. 

Just like the English and Spanish version of the book, Maddie la tigresse bleue includes an illustrated, color-coded glossary of French terms learned in the book. Those visual cues reinforce the language learned in the book, making it that much easier for your child to remember new words. After all, Malty books are designed to make learning languages easy!


4. You can buy it on Amazon — and get it

so quickly!

 Just like you, we love how easy it is to shop on Amazon (hello, two-day delivery!). That's why we prioritize selling Maddie la tigresse bleue on Amazon. You can also ask your local bookstore if it carries the book — you never know where you might meet a Malty friend!

(Retailers: You can get it from Ingram Book Company.)

5. It launches May 20, 2019. 

It's the perfect book to keep your little one's skills sharp ​over the summer and beyond. After all, the summer slide (the loss of academic skills when school's out) is very real — but reading throughout the season can make a big difference in preventing it! 

6. It's a sweet story about staying true to yourself.

Just like the English and Spanish version of the book, Maddie la tigresse bleue is about a little tiger who doubts her roar. Throughout the book, she tries to sound like every other character she meets — yellow birds, purple monkeys, and even a red truck! — but ultimately, she discovers only her true voice can help her reach her destination. 

7. We ship worldwide!

In Canada? France? India?

We ship to most countries around the world, so no matter where you are, you can give the little ones in your life the gift of language with Maddie la tigresse bleue.

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