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Positive Power Flower

A lesson in kindness and self-love 💛🌼

Hi, Malty friends!! We are so excited to share a super cheerful craft with you today.

This Positive Power Flower not only teaches your littles how to speak kindly about themselves, but also about others. And let's face it: That's a lesson we could all use an occasional refresher in, even as adults. 😉

For this activity, pair your little one with a sibling or friend (or, you can be their partner, too!). Ask them to craft the flower together, but when it comes time to write the positive adjectives, ask the kiddos to go one at a time—and to help each other pick the perfect words. So, for instance, if your older child is working on picking positive words about herself, ask your younger one to help her! It's a lesson in self-love and kindness

We added another layer to this craft by writing the adjectives in both English and Spanish, because, why not learn some new words while you're at it? If you subscribe to our Malty Monday newsletter, you already received a list of positive adjectives in English and Spanish to get you started (you can subscribe at the top of this page for extras like this!).


Share your Positive Power Flower with us!
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we can't wait to see how your little ones describe themselves!

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

Step 1

Using construction paper or foam sheets (we used foam with adhesive backing!), cut out one circle, six petals, and a thin stem. 

Step 2

Glue (or stick, if adhesive) the pieces onto a blank sheet of paper or foam to form a flower.

Step 3

Ask your little one (and their partner!) to write adjectives that describe them on each flower petal. If you'd like, use this as an opportunity to teach Spanish adjectives, too! In the middle of the flower, write "I Am..."

Your Positive Power Flower is wall-ready! 😍


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