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Terrific Tiger Spoon Puppet

Low-maintenance craft • Stretches your little tiger's creativity • Inexpensive toy 😉

Hey there, parents! Raise your hand if you adore crafts that can entertain little ones 

(and get them away from screens!). 🙋🏽 Not only does this craft spark creativity, but your child will be left with a durable puppet that doesn't get tangled like the traditional kind—whew!

We modeled this spoon puppet after Malty the Blue Tiger, but there's no need to stop there! Challenge your little tiger to make all of their favorite characters from the book and beyond. We're talking dancing monkeys 🐒, boogying bears 🐻, and much more. 

Share your artists' creations with us—we want to celebrate their imaginative artwork!

Simply use the hashtag #MaltyTheBlueTiger, and we'll repost our favorite works of art.

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

Step 1

Paint a wooden spoon blue. 

Add details such as stripes, whiskers, and a smile!

Step 2

Twist 2 yellow pipe cleaners around the spoon's "neck" for a yellow scarf. Repeat with 1 black pipe cleaner and 1 blue pipe cleaner for a tail. Adhere 2 wiggly eyes. 

Step 3

Cut two 1"-inch pieces from a blue pipe cleaner.

Bend into ears, then tape to the back of the spoon. 



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