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Biscuit Brook Photo Frame

Keepsake craft • Requires problem-solving skills • Makes a good gift!

We love how children can see the magic in everyday things—even if it's simple rocks!

If your little one has ever brought home pebbles they discovered during their backyard adventures (and you have no idea what to do with them!) this

photo frame might just be your solution. 

This frame was inspired by a wondrous place called Biscuit Brook from Malty the Blue Tiger. To make it, use washed rocks your child finds or purchase them from a craft store. Afterwards, your little one will have a brand new frame to cherish memories in. ✨


Are your favorite photos scattered throughout the house so you can see them everywhere, or gathered in one spot so you can reminisce in awe? 

Tell us how you celebrate your special memories by using the tag #MaltyTheBlueTiger. We'll share our favorite ideas with the Malty community—and you may just inspire someone else!

P.S. We know life can get busy, but you're juggling it all and doing your best like the all-star parent you are! So don’t forget to take at least a 5-minute breather for yourself today.

Drink some hot tea ☕️ or read a few pages of your favorite book 📚. You deserve it!

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

Step 1

Paint a plain wooden frame blue. 

While it dries, paint two handfuls of pebbles

blue, black, and gold (add glitter, if desired!)

Step 3

Step 2

Once the frame and rocks are dry, arrange the rocks on the frame. ​(Making them fit just right is a great problem-solving puzzle for any little one!) Glue to adhere. 

Now add your favorite photo!


Who's up for a game of English/Spanish BINGO? 

It's the perfect indoor activity for chilly days! 🌧

Play now!

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