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Marvelous Malty 

Handprint Painting

Crafts are a wonderful opportunity to teach your child basic words in another language — including colors, shapes, and objects. That's why we love this simple yet charming

Malty the Blue Tiger handprint craft! 

As you and your little one craft your own Malty paintings, use this time to teach them words like "azul" or "bufanda," many of which you can find in the glossaries of Malty the Blue Tiger books. After painting Malty, ask your artist to dream up other animals! You can make elephants, horses, and even dogs with this technique.


 Show us what your little Picasso makes by tagging Malty the Blue Tiger on social media.

We can't wait to share their masterpieces with the Malty community.


Start crafting with the easy instructions below!

Give your child the gift of language with Malty the Blue Tiger​ bilingual resources

Step 1

Dip your child's hand in blue paint. Ask them to press their hand against a piece of white paper. 

Step 2

Using the thumb as a head and the fingers as legs, ask your little one to use black, white, and yellow paint to create a painting of Malty. Feel free to paint outside the lines! 😉

Oh hey, Picasso!

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