AW-722719518 Easy Arts & Crafts for Kids - Handprint Art - Malty the Blue Tiger

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Marvelous Malty 

Handprint Painting

A very hands-on craft • Only requires paint and paper • Good parent/little tiger activity

Hey there, you wonderful parent, you! We know schedules can get crazy and days can get long, so we have a cute craft for you and your child that is SO simple! You won't be pulling your hair out when you're supposed to be enjoying time with your little one.


After painting Malty, ask your artist to dream up other animals! You can make elephants, flamingos, and even dogs with this technique. Perhaps a portrait of your pet? ๐Ÿถ Show us what your little Picasso makes by tagging #MaltyTheBlueTiger on social media. We can't wait to share our favorites with the Malty community!


Psst, question: Have you ever tried a kids' craft that turned out to be ridiculously hard? We can't begin to tell you all the hilarious mishaps we've had! Use the hashtag to share yours with us.


Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends ๐Ÿ’™


Step 1

Dip your child's hand in blue paint. Ask them to press their hand against a piece of white paper. 

Step 2

Using the thumb as a head and the fingers as legs, ask your little one to use black, white, and yellow paint to create a painting of Malty. Feel free to paint outside the lines! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Oh hey, Picasso!


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