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Jelly Bean Counting Game

1, 2, 3, 4—you'll wish you had played this easy DIY game before! 

Hi, Malty friends! ✨

We have a super simple, super fun DIY game for you today, and we can't begin to count all the reasons we love it! 😉

This activity is great for children learning their numbers in a second language, and you can easily increase the difficulty over time—or even use it to teach money counting skills. Overall, this is a fantastic supplement to the number vocabulary your child will learn in Malty the Blue Tiger (Marita la tigresita azul).

You likely have all of the materials already: cupcake liners, a marker, and jelly beans (or any other little snack). Have a blast! And if you'd like, snap a photo of your little one practicing with this game—we'll share it if you tag Malty on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!

Hugs and roars, 

Your Malty Friends 💙

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Set out six (or more!) cupcake liners. 

Label each with a number.

In random order, say each number out loud in Spanish (or another second language). Ask your little tiger to add the correct number of jelly beans to each cupcake liner!

You can also use this game to teach money

counting skills:  

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