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Malty BINGO!!

Perfect for rainy or snowy days • No extra materials needed! 

Heya, you spectacular parents!  We know sometimes it can be difficult to keep little ones entertained when it’s too rainy to play outside, so today we’re giving you a fun twist on classic BINGO, inspired by Malty the Blue Tiger, for a fun indoor activity. 


We created these BINGO boards for you using the “Words I Learned Today” section of the book, which reviews all of the new English and Spanish vocabulary your child learned while reading Malty’s story. 


Simply read the vocabulary words in English or Spanish—or both!—in any order, and ask your children to cross out the corresponding photo. The first player to get three photos across or four photos up or down wins!


Share photos of your little one getting their BINGO game on by using the hashtag #MaltyTheBlueTiger!


Hugs & Roars,

Your Malty Friends 💙

Hello, Picasso!

Find these in the "Words I Learned Today" section of the book

blue tiger • tigresa azul 

roar • rugido 

the jungle • la selva 

green hills • verdes colinas 

brown rocks • rocas marrones

orange fox • zorro anaranjado 

yellow birds • pájaros amarillos

purple monkeys • monos morados

red truck • camión rojo

bridge • puente 

tail • cola 

green butterfly • mariposa verde

Vocabulary List


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Here's how!

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