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Malty the Blue Tiger books and audiobooks are found in school districts and homes around the world! They make learning language fun, easy, and engaging for your child.

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"I absolutely love these audiobooks because it can be extremely difficult to find books that are available in both Spanish & English. These are perfect for targeting listening comprehension!" - Liliana from Texas 


"It's a great way for the kiddos to learn common Spanish phrases, which is awesome because even as a Hispanic household, we still really struggle with teaching our boys Spanish. These are great for them to learn in a fun way."

- Mirialys from Massachusetts


"The read-alongs can also serve as guides for us parents to teach our kids Spanish, especially when we don't speak the language." - Rhea from Indiana


"I highly recommend them. They're such fun reads for your little ones!"

- Cathleen from Texas


"If you're a bilingual mom like me, you know how difficult it can be to keep your native language alive in your household. I listen to these audiobooks in the car with my boys and they love it — they're so engaged and happy!"

- Zania from Florida

Malty the Blue Tiger provides dual language learning resources for kids, including children's books in Spanish, children's books in French, and children's audiobooks in English and Spanish. Whether you're looking for bilingual books for kids or children's books about tigers, we have the learning resources you need. Our dual language children's books, audiobooks, and other learning resources available in English, Spanish, and French make mastering language fun and easy for kids. 

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