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Crafts & Activities

A Pom-Pom Activity That's Perfect for Pairing with Bilingual Children's Books

Reinforce the new vocabulary words your little one learns in English and Spanish children's books like Malty the Blue Tiger with this adorable, fun activity. 

Make Your Very Own Malty Cat Ears 🐯

It's hard to believe, but this cute dress-up DIY only takes three steps!

Teach Kindness With a Positive Power Flower

With this adorable, blossoming craft, your littles will learn not only how to be kind to themselves and to others, but also new Spanish words. 📚🌸 

Make Tic Tac Toe 3-D to Teach Your Little One Spanish!

This time-honored kids' game will never be the same now that it's gotten a Malty makeover. 😊🐯

Watch Your Little Picasso Create An Awe-Worthy Handprint Painting

All you need is a piece of paper and some paint. Who knew the best stencil for a fun painting was already in the palm of our hands!? 😉

This Puppet Craft Is Fun to Make AND Play With 💙

We love activities that keep our little ones entertained, but bonus points if they keep them busy with imaginative play even after the paint and glue is put away! This craft doubles as a cute toy to keep around for playtime. 

Make This Magnificent Malty Munchies Machine in 5 Easy Steps!

Bringing the magic of a candy machine home has never been simpler! Make snack time far more exciting with this DIY gumball machine, which you can fill with any of your favorite treats.

Practice Spanish Vocabulary With This Colorful DIY Puzzle

This easy craft also makes for a fun game and vocabulary booster. You can now find blank puzzle pieces at most craft stores—and you can even adjust the difficulty for your child's reading level!

Biscuit Brook Frames Are the Best Type of Frames... least, that's what we think! Frame your most cherished memories by making this easy photo frame, inspired by Biscuit Brook, with your little one. The best part? You'll get to admire it every day.

Have Extra Jelly Beans? Here's How to Use Them!

This counting game is as easy as 1, 2, 3—and is a great use of extra candy! Take it a step further and use it to teach money counting skills. 💰Read on to learn how!

BINGO: The Solution For Boredom on a Rainy Day

Our version of this game reinforces English and Spanish vocabulary taught in the book, and the BINGO boards are oh-so-fun and colorful!

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