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Why Kids Are So Often Teased for Having an Accent

It’s not right, but teasing about speech or accents is usually brushed off more easily than other types. Here’s why that might be, and signs your child is feeling insecure about his or her speech.

Listen to Your Free Audiobook of Malty the Blue Tiger!

Bring the story your kids love to life with this Spanish edition of the book.  

Ask an Expert: How Can I Teach My Child a Language I Don't Know?

You're not alone! Plenty of parents want their kids to know a second language, even if they never learned it themselves. In addition to learning it together, here's what you can do, according to Liliana Diaz-Vazquez, M.S., CCC-SLP/L, a bilingual speech therapist.

Ask an Expert: What Are Dual Language Programs, and Are They Right for My Kid?

We spoke to a dual language kindergarten teacher to answer all of your questions about these language immersion schools. 

7 Fast Facts About Malty's New French Book!

Give the little ones in your life the gift of language with Maddie la tigresse bleue — the same story you love, now in English and French. 

5 Ways to Use Malty to Boost Your Child's Learning Skills Before School Starts

The savvy tricks will help your little one sharpen reading comprehension, language, and critical thinking skills before roll call — whether they're headed back to preschool or elementary school. 

FREE PDF: 10 Ways to Ask for Help in Spanish

Make sure your child is prepared with these crucial phrases to know in any scenario!

How One Dad Was Inspired By His Two Sons to Start a Rainforest-Themed Bandage Company

Like so many other parents, James Dutton has his hands full taking care of ouch moments with his two young sons. But when he discovered that typical bandages weren’t sticking with his boys, he created his own.

Ask an Expert: How can I help my child be confident in her second language skills?

If your child loves learning Spanish or another language in school, but clams up when it comes to speaking it in public, these tips from Clarissa Duskin, M.Ed., the parent representative for the National Association for Bilingual Education, will help! 

FREE PDF: 10 Common Greetings in Spanish

Saying hello is the first step to every beautiful conversation! Teach your child common greetings in Spanish with this handy printable vocabulary list. 

This CEO and Mom Built An Amazing Business Around Sensory Play

Here she explains how and why she did it—and the amazing benefits associated with sensory play! 

FREE PDF: 10 Spanish Compliments to Make Someone's Day

Help your little one put her new language skills to great use by making a friend or loved one smile today. Save this PDF to your computer, or simply view the list here!

We Are a Military Family Raising and Homeschooling Bilingual Children—And This Is Why

Catalina Burton's family approaches learning in a special way. This is her story as a bilingual mother of a 5-year-old and 2-year-old, and her advice for parents considering raising multilingual kids.

Treat Your Mom Friends (And Yourself!) With This Amazing DIY Malty Blue Sugar Scrub

This is our favorite treat to make for our busy gal pals! Here's the recipe—it'll take you less than 5 minutes and feels spectacular (why, hello, glowing skin). 

How to Improve Nightly Story Time

Follow these easy tips to make this valuable time of day better than ever. Bonus points if you use bilingual children's books—like Malty the Blue Tiger!

Ask an Expert: How Can I Use Story Time to Boost My Child's Language Development? 

The way you read can have a big effect on your child's language skills! Here, Jann Fujimoto, M.S., CCC-SLP, R.SLP, a certified speech-language pathologist answers all of your questions about reading and language skills. 

6 Essential Products to Make Life More Sane On Busy Days

When your family is in turbo go-go-go mode, these product picks will make everything so much easier. 🙌🏽

Ask an Expert: What Are Effective Ways to Help Kids Deal With Bullies?

Novea McIntosh, Ed.D., assistant professor of education at the University of Dayton, Ohio, explains how to encourage your child to open up about bullying, and how to help him or her develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills from the experience.

Teach Kindness With a Positive Power Flower!

With this adorable, blossoming craft, your littles will learn not only how to be kind to themselves and to others, but also new Spanish words. 📚🌸 Pair it with a bilingual children's book in Spanish like Malty the Blue Tiger!

Ask an Expert: How Can I Teach My Child About the Value of Friendship?

Lauren Mosback, LPC, explains how children begin forming relationships at as early as 6 months of age—and how you can raise a kid who's a great friend to others. 

Ask an Expert: How Can I Encourage Good Homework Habits Early On?

David Timony, Ph.D., an educational psychologist and chair of education at Delaware Valley University, weighs in on how to make homework as fuss-free and enjoyable as possible.

Donut' You Want One of These!? 🍩

These apple slice donuts are wonderfully sweet and perfectly fun! Best part: You can feel great about how healthy they are for your little ones (sayonara, artificial colors and flavors!). 

Ask an Expert: How Can I Help My Child Embrace Their Unique Interests?

New York City-based middle school counselor Jennifer Hernandez weighs in on what a huge role your support plays!

Have Jelly Beans? Here's How to Use Them!

This counting game is as easy as 1, 2, 3—and is a great use of extra candy! Pair it with the number vocabulary your child learns in bilingual children's books in Spanish like Malty the Blue Tiger. 

Here's How Knowing Another Language Benefits Your Child's Brain

The effect bilingualism has on the brain is absolutely astounding! Click below to see the top ten benefits. 

Make This Magnificent Malty Munchies Machine!

Bringing the magic of a candy machine home has never been simpler! Make snack time far more exciting with this 5-step DIY gumball machine, which you can fill with any of your favorite treats.

15 Short Inspirational Quotes About Staying True to Yourself

Read them with your little one, tack them to an inspiration board in your child's room, or simply enjoy them yourself for the wisdom they can lend to both children and adults.

Painting a Beautiful Masterpiece With Your Child Has Never Been So Easy (or Fun!)

Have a hand, paper, and paint? It's all you need for this adorable painting that's oh-so-fridge-worthy.  

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  • bilingual children's books
  • bilingual children's books
  • bilingual children's books
bilingual children's books